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Dear Customer,

I’m feeling unashamedly patriotic. I’m sure that like me, you were out clapping and hooting on Thursday at 8pm to thank all our essential service workers for their continuing resolve, their professionalism and their determination to carry on.

And, like me, I’m sure you looked on with a tear in your eye as a 100 year old war veteran raised £21m with enormous dignity, grace and charm by just showing us all that there is a magnificent beating heart to this old country still.

Thank you, too, for your support in these difficult times. Buying British is a smart thing to do. Patriotism of the sort demonstrated by Capt. Tom Moore isn’t some ugly nationalistic urge – it’s sensible and pragmatic and makes you feel good. Buying our wines, beers and spirits is also world beating! Sometimes we forget just how good our own wines, beers and spirits truly are. Of course you can get cheaper. But who are you helping? Consider giving yourself a treat in your own home. It’s delicious and it’s never been better value! We are featuring our finest collection here, but do check out the website for some great offers on other products and all with free delivery too.

Even Mother Nature seems to be joining in with some glorious weather and the first bursts of life are signalling the start of another growing season. Buds have burst in all our vineyards and the cycle begins again.

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For those of you who have a gift experience or a tour booked – don’t worry. We will, of course, honour all your bookings as soon as we know when we can re-open and we will extend the expiration dates accordingly.

Whilst we are looking forward to seeing you all again when it is safe to do so, please let us know what you are up to and do send us your news and photos of you enjoying yourselves. It cheers us up knowing that we are helping to lift the gloom a little!

All the best,

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Frazer Thompson,

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