Summer in the Vineyards

After a rather erratic spring and early summer weather, the vineyards are now flourishing and looking in excellent shape.
Inflorescences revealed themselves to be very large across all varieties and sites mainly thanks to the spectacular summer weather last year initiating high bud fruitfulness. All this can count for nothing, however, unless we get a good spell of weather during flowering when successful pollination requires warm and dry weather.
Cue the ‘heatwave’! Timing could not have been better with the start of flowering coinciding with the ramping up of temperatures towards the end of June and with mid-flowering in our Chardonnay at Kits Coty and Court Lodge vineyards on the North Downs arriving on the hottest day of the year so far. This heat spike triggered significant flower activity across the board and, as we often find, the start of Wimbledon is marked by the delicate perfume of pollen in the vineyards. The Wimbledon fortnight was kind to us with flowering completely successfully. We are now heading fast towards bunch closure and and look forward to another great harvest this autumn.

Richard Lewis
Head of Viticulture