New Year Winery Update

The new year for most of us starts on the first of January, but in the winery the harvest in Autumn marks the beginning of the new annual cycle. As such, we’re three months into the new winery year and things have been progressing apace.

Between the end of harvest and Christmas a lot of time is spent in the lab checking the progress of the last few fermentations and the malolactic fermentations, all of which are now complete. It is also a time at which, through tasting, the true nature of the harvest begins to be revealed and I can happily report that all is looking good!

Due to the cooler summer in 2019, the style of the wines is most akin to those from 2013 or 2015 which is an exciting prospect. The sparkling base wines are showing elegance and purity which is a great sign at this stage.

On a more practical level, Anna and Maddi (our new brilliant cellarhands) have been busy with our Assistant Winemaker, Jo, getting the Flint Dry and English Rose blends ready, both of which are tasting fantastic and should be bottled at the end of the month. After this we’ll get stuck into the Bacchus…so that you can do the same when it’s in bottle! The disgorging team have been equally busy and Connor, our disgorging supervisor, has been busy this week getting some magnums ready for you all to enjoy.

Josh Donaghay-Spire, Head Winemaker