April Newsletter

Dear Customers,

Thank you for your amazing support. We are working as fast as we can to get your orders out to you – we really have been inundated with orders and heart-felt good wishes.

We are currently asking customers to allow up to 14 days for delivery whilst we are training new staff to cope with the demand. Thanks for being so understanding and for your lovely messages. It means a lot to a fantastic hard-working group of people doing their utmost to safely get you your wine and beer. We all know how important it is!

Aside from our customer service and order picking teams, our winery team and vineyard teams are still working, under the new conditions, to make sure we can continue to supply in the future. There’s also all our home workers who are also ensuring we run smoothly.  I have to confess that I am not a natural home worker, but have become used to using the technology and am enjoying the space to think and collaborate.

Naturally, working within the vineyards and our winery and brewery is still allowed under the Coronavirus restrictions as we are within the ‘food supply chain’. I think we can claim that wine is a necessity in these difficult times – it certainly is in our house! Here Richard Lewis, our Head of Viticulture, Josh Donaghay-Spire our Head Winemaker and Matt Anderson our Head Brewer give their recommendations.


To be able to spend my days working outside in some of the most beautiful vineyards in the country during these difficult and worrying times is an absolute privilege.

My team feel the same way.  We aren’t moaning about the seemingly endless wet winter any more.   We are thankful that the rain has given way to a decent stretch of much-needed, soul-lifting, sunny weather. Although the easterly winds have pegged the temperature back, the hours of sunshine has given hope that spring has arrived. And the vines are telling us the same. Buds are swelling fast and it won’t be long before the first leaves unfurl into a new season. The vineyards are ready with pruning completed and canes tied down. The tractors are out mowing and mulching the prunings, whilst the weeds have woken up and need some attention. Life in the vineyard goes on.

So as I wonder what lies ahead this year, I’m certain of one thing – it won’t be a normal year (not that we have had one of those for a while!). To grow wine-grapes in the UK you have to be resilient and an optimist, so I’m confident we will overcome whatever challenges arise.  Stay safe.

Richard Lewis, Head of Viticulture



The 2019 wines are all taking shape nicely. Our Flint Dry and English Rose are now bottled with the Bacchus and Sparkling Bacchus due to be bottled in the next month. The Tenterden Bacchus 2019 is tasting particularly good with a real purity of fruit and fine character which I’m excited to share with you all when it’s released in a few weeks’ time.

I’m also pleased to announce that from this month all Chapel Down Brut NV and Sparkling English Rose NV being released will be in dark amber glass bottles. This is the second phase of our wines to be released in this bottle and is yet another step upwards in our pursuit of quality and consistency at Chapel Down. The extra dark glass will protect the wine from the potentially harmful effects of UV light ensuring that the wine tastes as good when it reaches your glass as it does here in our winery.

Due to the current situation we’ve had to step up a gear in the winery as contractors aren’t able to come to site. I’d like to raise a glass to the team who are working incredibly hard, and of course safely, in order to ensure we all have something great to drink in the coming months.

Josh Donaghay-Spire, Head Winemaker




As with everyone, the Coronavirus has had a profound effect on Brewery life. Whilst the supply of our draught beer in to pubs, bars and restaurants has sadly temporarily ceased, we are still able to keep up with the demand for our bottles and cans from our online sales. A big thank to our loyal customers and shareholders for your support and orders at this time.

Our friends at Givaudan in Ashford have helped us to produce more than 1 tonne of hand sanitiser to date. We will be distributing this free of charge to the Kent NHS and Midwives Association of Kent, local care homes and volunteers, as well as local farmers and other key workers most in need at this time.  If you have an urgent need for sanitiser in the community, please do get in touch at [email protected]

In a bid to brighten our customer’s days in the coming weeks, we will be releasing a number of brewery exclusives. The first is our response to When Life Gives you Lemons. We made a bug-busting ‘Grapefruit & Lemon-infused Session IPA’.  We re-fermented our triple hopped Session IPA with real lemons and grapefruits, donated from local restaurants that would otherwise have gone to waste. This limited edition beer will be available 750ml bottles later this month when its perfect.

Finally, each Thursday evening at 6pm I am also hosting a live Q&A session on the @CuriousBrewery Instagram page. I do hope you’ll be able to join me for a beer over the coming weeks.

Matt Anderson, Head Brewer

I hope you take advantage of these product recommendations, all of which come with free delivery. We are working to get deliveries out to customers as swiftly as possible and are training additional staff to assist with this, but to remind you we are asking for customers to allow up to 14 days for delivery. Please be patient. We will get it out!

Don’t forget that it’s St George’s Day on 23rd April (and Shakespeare’s birthday) and you surely wouldn’t be without a glass of something quintessentially English on our National Day, would you?

Meanwhile as I work from home, I’m starting to understand why my Labrador gets so excited to go for a walk.  And for those of you self isolating, you have my sympathy. My friend, Tony, is on his 10th day of self isolation and says it’s like Las Vegas. He’s losing money by the minute, cocktails are acceptable at any hour and nobody has any idea what time it is…

Once again, thanks for your support. Please stay safe and sane.

Frazer Thompson,